Published Works


  • Opening Statements, Trial Tactics Defense Litigation Manual, (DRI 2006, Pages 255-263)
  • Examinations Under Oath (Norcom Publications 2003)

Published Articles

  • Beyond NFPA921 – A comprehensive Approach to Proving if an Insured Set a Fire, 10 In-House Defense Quarterly 64 (Winter 2015)
  • The Penalty for Foiling to Submit to an Examination Under Oath, 38 SIULJĀ 261 (Winter 2014)
  • Privacy v. Honesty – The Necessity of Full Disclosure of Medical Records, 21 IDC Quarterly No. 2 at 45 (Second Quarter 2011).
  • Barth v. State Farm – Leveling the Playing Field, 18 IDC Quarterly No. 3 at 8 (Third Quarter, 2008).
  • Using Polygraph Results to Decide Good Faith Denial of Coverage Cases, 91 Illinois Bar Journal 26 (Jan. 2003)
  • The Burden of Proof in Arson Cases, 11 IDC Quarterly 6 (2001)
  • The Trial Court’s Discretion to Exclude Evidence of Convictions for Crimes Involving False Statement in Civil Cases, 5 IDC Quarterly 36 (1995)
  • Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations: The Viability of the Tort in the Employment Context in the Wake of Dake v. Tuell, 32 St. Louis Bar Journal (1986)
  • Modifications of the Employment at Will Doctrine: Balancing Judicial Development of the Common Law with the Legislative Prerogative to Determine Public Policy, 30 St. Louis U.L.J. 65 (1985)
  • Retaliatory Discharge: Its Applicability to Employees Protected by a Just Cause Provision, 72 Illinois Bar Journal (1984)
  • A Comparison of the Non-Substantive Provisions of the UNCITRAL Convention on the International Sale of Goods and the Uniform Commercial Code, 23 Harvard International Law Journal 49 (1982)
  • Towards an Implied Warranty of Habitability in Sales of New and Used Homes in Illinois That is Consistent with the Underlying Reasons which Gave Rise to that Warranty, 4 Illinois Fund Concept 32 (1980)

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